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God’s service

In the Fire of Trials

Svetlana Frantsuzova

When we talk about God's love to us, about His concern and mercy, which accompanies us our whole life, I recall the miracle that happened in my life.

I want to share it with you because it 'll be a crime not to do it.

It was ordinary Saturday morning of March 1999.There was a beautiful sunrise in the sky without any sign of approaching trouble. On my way to the church I suddenly felt that my legs went out of control, my eyes hurt when looking at the light.

I thought that it was the result of hard mental work at the enterprise where I worked.

My decision was not to turn to any medical help as I was going to relax and to have a good rest during the week end. But on Monday I felt even worse : right part of the head went numb and my tongue didn't react to the taste of the food. I couldn't move properly. That night my mum helped me to reach the place where prayer group gathered and we together prayed for God's mercy to me. My friends prayed heartily and I felt comforted when returned home. Alas , new symptoms of disease appeared and I had to call the doctor. After examining me the doctor sent me to the hospital immediately.

Now it was the time for me to look back and reconsider my whole life in order to understand the way God was leading me. The disease was taking over me and very soon I could neither stand , nor eat or talk but worst of all was that I could not read the Word of God and it distressed me a lot. I found one place in the Bible :» I am the Lord , your healer»(Ex.15:26) and never turned over this page of the Bible any more, it was of great support for me. One medical examination followed the other and there was no end to it. The head doctor invited my relatives for a private talk and I understood it was not in vain. Soon afterwards I was offered to go for thorough medical examination to another hospital. I couldn't even think of the transportation with my constant feeling of dizziness .I couldn't eat anything as I vomited every piece of food or drink. To avoid all these unpleasant feelings I had to lie still on the bed with my eyes closed. With the help of my brother Dmitriy I was taken to another hospital for examination, the result of which was like death sentence :brain tumor. The only hope for survival was immediate operation. My relatives rushed in search of money for the operation while I had no idea of what was happening. Doctors didn't allow anybody to tell me the truth. Being in such state of complete ignorance of what was happening I prayed to God. The words from Psalm 121 were repeatedly coming to my mind: «.I lift up my eyes to the hills. From whence does my help come? My help comes from the Lord...». At the same time the words from our Christian hymn : «...Each and everyone of us is dear in Your eyes..» had a new meaning to me. I understood that God is concerned about me , no matter what happens to me it'll ultimately work out for better. With every hour I felt worse and worse, all my strength seemed to be leaving my body and I even didn't ask God for healing as I was not sure what was His will for me. The devil was not sleeping either trying to call me to rebel against God. Once he even said quite distinctly: “Curse God and die” I was not afraid of death , I was only afraid of breaking the Lord's will and that's why my response to the devil was » Let there be Lord's will»

All these events took place within one week. At last came the day when my mother told me the truth about my diagnosis and imminent operation. Having learnt the truth I refused to go to Dniepropetrovsk for operation. I knew very well that interference into brains could result in unpredictable consequences. Suddenly I recalled the dream I had seen a couple of months before. In my dream being dressed in sparkling white clothes and I was floating to the heaven. I decided that it was a sign from God for me to be prepared to go to Him. There was no need to travel anywhere to meet Him. Besides, I knew that operation would cost pretty much and I didn't believe in its successful outcome. I shared my thoughts with my mum but she assured me that there was somebody who donated money for my operation and after a moment of hesitation I agreed.

The trip to Dniepropetrovsk was very tiresome. On arriving there I was informed that my case was very complicated and most probably I had to be operated on in Kiev, but as it was impossible to transport me to Kiev they appointed operation on the next Thursday. The days and nights that followed seemed to be endless. I could hardly speak in a whisper, every word took a lot of efforts. I couldn't move , every movement caused giddiness, the eyesight was blurred ,so I was looking forward to the operation with hope that my earthly life would finish in the operation room and at last I'll be relieved from pain and suffering. But God had another plan for me.

Eight professors of Medicine got together to examine me but they couldn't arrive to unanimous conclusion. People in my church were praying for me all the time. One night I was awakened by the voice ringing in my mind: «I am the Lord your healer». These words were repeated several times during night and I felt somebody 's real presence. I was praying to God asking Him to deliver me from my disease and to restore everything that was lost in my health and very soon my expectation of the death was substituted by the hope for healing. Next day I was examined by the doctor who was looking at my X-ray photos very attentively. I asked him:»What are you looking for ? I have been healed.»He looked at me with curiosity and said «May be». I stayed in the hospital for a month .They made me injections and dropper due to which my organism was living.

Right before Easter there appeared the signs of allergy on my body and doctors cancelled all shots and medication. Step by step my health was restored: I could seat for 1-2minutes though it took me a lot of efforts, I could eat a little and stopped vomiting. Gradually I could seat from 20 to 30 minutes. I felt much better and told doctors that I was going to leave the hospital in a week They agreed on condition that I would continue my treatment in the local hospital. The day before my release from hospital the doctors made control photo which confirmed to everybody's but my surprise that there was no sign of tumor. Praise the lord!!!

One more interesting fact that can't but mention. When I woke up at home I felt pain as if from operation stitch. Instinctively I touched my head with the words :»It hurts after operation.»My mum's reaction was immediate: «Svetlana ,the Lord has operated you.»Thus, I was confirmed in my ultimate healing. My state improved but I had to learn everything anew: walking, talking and writing. But what is more important I learned to look at the things around me in a different way, I learned to trust God and not to give up in any circumstances.

Deep and full understanding of God's love and mercy to me came much later when I found out possible consequences of the operation. As it turned out the tumor

was growing and was situated in such place where two cerebral hemispheres are joined to the spine. The doctors could not guarantee successful outcome of the operation. If during the operation nerve- fibres were touched , the consequences could be terrible: loss of hearing, loss of eyesight, the face twitch and legs paralysis. Glory be to God for his perfect surgery!

Four months later we went to Dniepropetrovsk to have test shots.

When the doctor who had been in charge of my treatment saw me he was amazed and never stopped asking what medicine I took to have such a good result. His was even more surprised when I answered that it was God healing me. He could not believe that such miraculous healing was possible without medicine. But the fact was that tumor disappeared and there were no traces of it. As for me I was rejoicing in the Lord though deep in my heart I was rather willing to be with Heavenly Father than to continue my earthly life. God's will for my life was different and now I can say together with a psalmist “ But we will bless the Lord from this time forth and for evermore.”(Psalm 115:18)

Years later , having learned lessons of faith and gaining experience I understood that everything in life has meaning. I can testify that there are no signs of disease in my body now. I go on foot a lot, take part in agricultural jobs ,write a lot and praise my Redeemer continuously.

“The living , the living , he thanks thee, as I do this day;(Isaih 38:19)

Presently Svetlana testifies about what the Lord has done in her life. She accepts invitations and visits the churches on the territory of the former Soviet Union. From that moment when the Lord has healed her, the theme of healings does not abandon Svetlana indifferent. She continues to meet with the Christians, who were healed too, collecting material for the next book.

For today some the books by Svetlana Frantsuzova have been published: «The Curing Touch», «Cost Of Life». The last book «It’s Not Time To Die» is the author’s autobiographical story of the severe trial bechanced in her life.

You may write to Svetlana: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it