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About Svetlana Frantsuzova

Французова Светлана, Творчество

Svetlana Frantsuzova
is the member of the Union
Christian writers

Svetlana Frantsuzova was born in Kirghizia. Occupational interests of her parents caused them to move to Ukraine, for development of the Krivorozhsky iron ore deposit. Here in the large industrial city of Krivoy Rog Svetlana as a very young girl encountered her real love, Jesus Christ. Without a second thought she opened her heart for him and plunged into a world of peace, thoughtfulness, bliss and love. Nothing could break her deep faith nor affect her soul’s assurance. After many years it was this commitment and trust in the Lord which helped her go through the valley of the shadow of death without losing her belief in power and might of the Lord.


Disease intruded into the composed and well-established life of the young woman. Not sparing her a slightest hope for the better it ruled over her flesh as if trying to grope for the extreme limits of human patience. Svetlana subdued to it and longed for death as a reward. The only thought she had was how to get rid of excrutiating pains but seeing that all medications proved to be of no use the only escape she could think of was to die. All her aspirations were tied to the appointed day of so-longed-for operation. She believed that when on the surgical table her heart would cease to beat and long-awaited deliverance from the ailment would come. But suddenly a familiar voice filled the night silence: “I am the Lord that healeth thee!” That appointed operation never was…

Realising that everything in life depends on the Lord, she cast herself fully upon her Saviour and was not left in shame: a wondrous healing came from the heavenly throne.

Thus having been given a “second birth” her life changed drastically: those spheres of life where God’s service holds priority grew more conspicuously outlined. In recent years Svetlana eagerly accepts invitations and actively visits different places telling people about the wonder to which she is the living witness.

In her years as a child and a girl her creative propensities used to show forth so vividly as to draw attention even of teachers.

Being aware that she is eternally indebted to God she took up her pen to convey widely abroad the news about the living God who is able to do wonders.

Now Svetlana writes poetry, songs and certainly prose. She is the author of several books, in particular, “A Healing Touch” and “The Price of Life”, which have already been published and paved her way to the creative league of the like-minded.

Presently Svetlana Frantsuzova is a member of the Union of the

Christian Writers of Ukraine.