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Метанойя: думай о будущем!

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Чойс - чистый организм, идеальное самочувствие


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Christian Creative Life of Svetlana Frantsuzova

Fates differ

And each one of them is like an unread book. Everyone’s life is worth a number of novels to be written about, but neverthless we don’t see this happen. I’m getting convinced in this over and over again while working on the next book. People I met with bear the most eloquent witness to this popular opinion.

I’m convinced that the life of each inpidual contains plenty of interesting and striking events. But far from everyone does take his pen. The books presented reflect the smallest particle of existence. Being aware of this I don’t pretend for acclaims and popularity. There are novels by far more excelling mine in their style and wording.

My novels describe real events with the real people in the background. And this distinctive feature of Christian creative work is presented here.

It so occurred that having experienced the fullness of God’s love by myself, I could not keep silence…

I promised to God that I would tell people about his glory if I was healed.